Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Talk to the People of Vermont

Talking to the people of Vermont about waterways in the Green Mountain State has quickly brought me to the conclusion that there is passionate feeling and deep-seated attachment to every distinct kind of water place imagineable. I have collected about 20 surveys from internet and phone interviews, and in-person canvassing, I have heard from people of all ages, from 6 to over 80. I have sought out former residents of the State because there is a diaspora of native Vermonters and we are fervent in our love and longing for our home state. Here are some results:
To my surprise the small and intimate bodies of water lead the popularity contest. Quiet brooks, small streams, and trout fishing holes are prominent in people's thoughts. I have three waterfall lovers responses. Like me, they love the shapes, sounds and drama of a waterfall. The big lakes are mentioned as well, with Willoughby and Lake Champlain cited most frequently. Rivers are being described too, The Winooski in Plainfield, Sleeper River near Danville, the Connecticut River and the Gihon River in Johnson, VT.
Because as an artist I specialize in moving water, I am opening to the possibility of working with a small brook/waterfall location such as Buttermilk Falls near Chester. I am considering a lake location, maybe Willoughby for its massive stone cliffs, a river location such as Emerson Falls and a waterfall site. Moss Glenn Falls on Route 100 is a favorite that is well known to everyone but I haven't seen it come up on a survey yet.

I would be pleased to discover any other water locations that people find important in their lives. Readers and viewers, please be so kind as to contact me with any suggestions you may have. If anyone hasn't yet taken the survey or would like to direct a friend to it, here is the address:


Clair said...
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Clair said...

Mariella --
I know it's out of your territory, but in East Fairfield (back of the moon place on the way to Bakersfield) right in the center of the village, on the right of the road (going to Bakersfield from Fairfield) is a lovely stream with a small cascading waterfall. It's almost hidden when the leaves are on, but is quite a torrent in the spring.

AND, one of Vermont's and Franklin County's best kept secrets is Metcalf Pond in Fletcher. Very still and small and shallow. There is even the romantic ruin of an old dance hall still visible. Evokes "An American Tragedy", though likely the pond is too shallow to easily drown anyone in. But, the view from the "town beach" is spectacular with the unpopulated hills coming right down to the surface of the pond.