Monday, December 22, 2008

Posted PLaces- No Trespassing No Painting No How

Palenville, New Morning, collage 40 X 60"
Palenville Panorama, collage, 26 X 54"
Stone Bridge on Camelot Road, 60 X 40"
Field painting: Downstream of Dylan, Oil/Board 12 X 9"

Here are photos of some of the work I have done from painting trips to beautiful sites before their new owners put up the fences, the razor wire, the video cameras etc. Bearing in mind that the waterways themselves are public-- I now float my materials UP THE MIDDLE OF THE STREAM in Palenville and SWIM them across to the rocks. Public space goes up to ten inches beyond the high water mark in NY State, so they can't kick me out if I waded, swam and rafted my ass on over to my favorite landscape places. If that what it takes, then take me to the river...

I greatly look forward to finding river sites with my newfound guides from the Vermont River Conservancy. I have seen their photos on their website and I am still hyperventilating over some of their waterfalls. I could make a whole new solo show for Gallery North Star in Grafton all about these Conservancy sites. It would take about two years to complete, but I can feel that vein-of-gold feeling. I felt that way the first time I saw Platte Clove in the Catskills. How amazing that this Art of Action project is bringing me to places I never knew in my own home state.


Clair said...

I believe in Ireland artists pay no taxes. How about a law in Vermont that gives artists passes to anywhere they want to stand on the land (or water)? Vermont could have it's own little WPA project. All we'd have to do is sign an agreement to "do not harm".

We could wear vests emblazoned with


I'll do the typography and design the cards!

Clair said...

And I can't type this morning, freezing hands.

That is of course "do no harm".