Monday, December 15, 2008

Take me to the River

Thank you artist/friend John Wall of Queens, formerly of the North Danville Road, St. Johnsbury for his great photo from September 2008 of the dark, cold churning waters of the Moose River.

As my AOA project pours through the streambeds of my mind, I am designing a workshop, flexible enough to accommodate many different kinds of students, open-ended and positive, an experience that opens peoples' eyes and hearts to the waterways. I offer new ways of looking, listening and relating one's own life-currents, heartbeat and breath to the rushing water. Understanding geological forces; pressure, direction, siltration, dissolution will lead to using those forces in drawing and painting. The workshop will lead to a statewide celebration -- I am big believer in having some fun down by the river. Art is a joyful endeavor.

Despite the many frustrations, challenges and rejections, art is still the sacred heart rush, an endless self-renewing spring of laughter and beauty. No coincidence that water figures prominently in religious traditions. We go there for spiritual renewal, for reassurance and to borrow some of its endless energy. Take me to the river!

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