Monday, January 12, 2009

Put the Vermonters Ahead

I recently received the pin you see above as gift from my family. It is a small metal enamel pin with heraldic looking symbols. There are the Green Mountains, Mansfield and Camel's Hump, a stag's head, and an inscription that reads "Put the Vermonters Ahead" I remembered this rallying cry from Graham Newell's Vermont History class and I looked it up on the web to be sure. The words were the command of Civil War General Sedgewick as he began the march from Manchester, VT to Gettysburgh. The Vermonters wanted to be put ahead. They were fully committed to their values of freedom and dignity for all humanity. They were willing to take the hardest hit. On that day, July 1, 1863, Vermonters were the frontline. We still are today. Who got those votes for Obama up on the Blue Board FIRST? Vermonters! Who ratified civil union for gay couples FIRST? Vermonters! and who is taking a long hard look at the realities we all face and an uncertain future? yup. us again. The pin was my grandfather's -- his VT National Guard insignia.

This Art of Action project is a long and sometimes difficult march. There are fabulous exciting ideas being put forth, serious issues examined with great creativity. I am proud to be part of it all. We are working at it to PUT THE VERMONTERS AHEAD.

That's a photo of my Dad, artist, John Bisson of Concord, VT

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