Saturday, January 17, 2009

The WHERE of it all

What makes a great painting location?

When I look at the photos and talk with Linn Perkins Syz at the Vermont River Conservancy about their project sites, I feel especially drawn to Terrill Gorge in Morrisville, Buttermilk Falls -- which I've visited and painted a couple of times with my dear gallerists Edward and Kim Bank of Gallery North Star in Grafton-- and Hancock Falls neaar Montpelier. These locations have it all, beauty, stillness, water, and a mission, a sense of urgency, a message.

The snow seems deep and the temperatures not so conducive for outdoor watercolors just now. Will the brush FREEZE ONTO THE PAPER in Vermont this morning??

Pictured above:
Shadow Lake, The view from Shadow Lake Road, where I was born and where my Dad lives now. The White Mountains of New Hampshire can be seen in the distance.
Quiet Falls, WC/gouache ptg, 22 X 30" a studio work based on field paintings
Caaterskill Falls, New York tallest waterfall


Clair said...

I really, really like "Quite Falls" -- something about the starkness and the really hard edges. Also the muted colors. The ochre on one side and the blue-gray on the other.

Mariella Bisson said...

Awww thanks Clair! I showed that piece in a solo show at the Adirondack Lakes center for the Arts in Blue Mt. Lake, NY and somebody bought the piece during the installation while it was still sitting on the floor. When the Director called to tell me he'd sold the work and the show looked fine I said "Put them all back on the floor then!!!"